Rent review

Valkering & Co. advises users of commercial real estate for the duration of the renegotiation of existing rental agreements. Our full-service approach allows us to assist your organisation throughout the project, from start to finish. This ensures a complete, all-round solution, combined with the most favourable financial conditions.

To begin with, we will analyse the existing accommodation situation and identify opportunities for your organisation. To ensure that your expectations are clear, we will give advice on the commercial conditions to be realised in advance.

Your main reason for renegotiation could be the continuation of an existing rental agreement on better commercial conditions. Our analysis may suggest possible economies of space, improvements to legal conditions, or enforcement of necessary improvements to buildings. These are issues that may be addressed when a rental agreement is renewed.

Our analysis will be the basis for renewal of a rental agreement. All aspects will be addressed, and completing the process in a structured manner will make the realisation of substantial cost savings and efficiency improvements possible.

If the process is set in motion at the right moment, the renter will be in complete charge, even if there is no desire to relocate.